Welcome to SampathCards Ultra Rewards!
Ultra Rewards
Ayubowan and welcome to the world of Sampath Ultra Rewards made available to you by Sampath Bank. You’ll be happy to know that as a Sampath Credit Cardholder, you have access to the ultimate Loyalty Programme. You can enjoy a host of benefits and privileges unknown to other cards in the country.
This amazing Loyalty Programme offers you an online rewards platform with real-time redemptions across airlines, international hotels, car rentals in a multitude of countries and retail products and services across a gamut of categories.
There are many benefits and privileges available to Sampath Credit Cardholders like you are many. Firstly, you get to redeem your Ultra Rewards when booking flights. This is widely appreciated by those of you who travel frequently, since you are not restricted to any particular airline or one departure point. You can use your points when purchasing tickets online directly from more than 900 airlines around the world.
You could choose to redeem your Ultra Rewards when booking hotels around the globe. Needless to say, the hotels on our select list includes high end, renowned establishments that are immensely popular amongst discerning travellers who demand the best. Furthermore, this feature extends to over 450,000 star class hotels.
In addition, you could redeem your Ultra Rewards for car rentals in no less than 150 countries worldwide. This is great for those of you who want to get about on your own. And here’s great news for shopperholics. You can use your Rewards to purchase around 3,000 amazing retail products ranging from exclusive perfumes and clothing brands to electronics and household items.
By activating Ultra Rewards account, you open the door to the host of benefits enjoyed by discerning members across the globe. The registration process has been made simple and hassle free. In order to access the world of privileges you deserve, simply follow the steps bellow.
  • Step 1: Visit http://loyalty.sampathbank.lk/ultrarewards/ and Click “Activate”
  • Step 2: Enter your complete NIC number as the Member ID and Click “Submit”
  • Step 3: One Time Password(OTP) will be sent to your SMS Alertz mobile number and to your e-statement delivery e mail address.
  • Step 4: Enter the 4 digit One Time Password and follow the instructions to set up your own password.
  • Step 5: Now you may login to Ultra Rewards web portal and enjoy endless benefits. You can redeem your Ultra Rewards at findmyfare.com and www.mystore.lk as well.