ULTRAMILES - Booking Policy

You are required to pay the entire amount prior to the confirmation of your booking.
The total Ultramiles displayed includes all applicable fees, charges and applicable taxes. It excludes all applicable airport taxes or other charges that may be payable at certain airports.
For any information regarding your Frequent Flyer miles with respective airline, please contact the airline directly.
Kindly ensure that you have the relevant visa, immigration clearance and travel with a passport, with a validity of at least 6 months.
To avail of infant fares, an infant must be under 24 months throughout the entire itinerary you are booking. This includes both onward and return journeys. If the infant is 24 months or above on the return journey, you'll need to make a separate booking using a child fare.
Infants must have valid proof-of-age documents showing that the infant is less than 24 months old. Before departure you need to carry appropriate travel permissions (Valid Passport, Visa, Immigration clearance etc.).. Sampath Bank is not responsible for lack of documents produced during check-in.
Infants must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.
All rules and regulations applicable on airlines apply on Sampath Ultramiles.
All bookings for flight and hotels are powered by Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited. However, Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited is not responsible for any schedule change by the airline after issuance of the ticket, but will inform you of the same if informed by the airlines. It is advisable to reconfirm your flight timings 24 hours prior to your flight departure.
Sampath Bank and Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited , reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time, without prior notice.
As per the airline rules, the standard check-in time begins 3 hours before departure.

Sampath Bank or Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited can assist you with amendments to most bookings. In some cases, though, you'll need to contact the airline directly.
Every booking made on Sampath Ultramiles is subject to amendment charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class.
If you amend your booking, you will be charged the difference in fare, if any, applicable when the amendment is made. However, if the new fare is lower than the original fare, difference in the amount will be refunded. The rebooking charges as applicable will be collected and charged to your Sampath Bank credit card account.
In addition to the airline’s amendment charges, Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited charges an amendment handling fee of LKR 2,000/- per passenger. Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited also collect the difference in fare, if any, applicable when the amendment is made.
Depending on the airline's policy, some booked fares may not be amended.

Cancellation Policy:
Every booking made on loyalty.sampathbank.lk/ultramiles through Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited is subject to cancellation charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class.
Some booked fares may be non-refundable as per the specific airline's policy.
In addition to the airline's cancellation charges, Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited charges a service fee of USD 10/- per passenger per journey for all cancellations.
Cancellation requests made online or through telephone to our customer support shall be entertained. Sampath Bank or Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited shall not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made through any other medium including but not limited to SMS & E-mail.
Cancellations: Sampath Bank accepts cancellation requests through phone. Please call our 24 hours call center at 0094 112314814.
If you have done a 'Web/Tele Check-in' with the airline, get in touch with the airline for cancellation. Sampath Bank or Knightsbridge Technologies Private Limited will not be able to process the refund and will not take any responsibility for the same.

It is mandatory to contact Sampath Bank for all refunds, as the airline will not be able to refund your tickets booked at loyalty.sampathbank.lk/ultramiles. Processing times for cancellation and refund requests vary, but the minimum time required is 45 Days.


Refund for partially utilized tickets eg:- only one sector flown & other sector cancelled) may not be possible and shall depend on the Airline.